Deck and Fence Sealing

Why Seal Your Deck and Wooden Fence?

The Right Temperature.

There’s a lot of freezing and thawing going on in Iowa every year.  With every temperature change, wood expands and contracts.  Fibers can become brittle, causing premature breakage and a worn appearance.  When fibers expand, water can seep inside and freeze, causing even more damage.  Sealing your deck and fence before can protect this wear-and-tear and prevent the need for costly repairs.

Keeps Water Out.

Water and wood don’t generally mix well.  When you seal your deck and fence, you put a layer of protection between your prepped wood and the weapons of the environment: wind, rain, sleet, and snow.  Anything the environment can throw at it.  With the weather we get in Iowa, who knows what that could be.

General Wear

Having a properly sealed deck will cause it to last longer, saving you money in the long run from costly repairs, as it protects the wood from the general wear of everyday use.  While shoveling your deck isn’t strictly recommended, there are instances in which it can’t be avoided.  When that is the case, having a well-sealed deck and proper snow and ice removal techniques could save your deck during the winter.

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