Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Removing Wallpaper can be a frustrating and often tedious process.  It’s certainly not the ideal project for the weekend DIY’er, especially when the project can run into next weekend, or the one after that.  The problem is not knowing how simple or difficult the paper is going to come down.  If you’re not sure how it went up then determining this is near impossible without ever having done this before.  Sometimes it comes down easily in full sheets, other times it comes down stubbornly in a gazillion small pieces.  That’s the tedious part.  Even when the paper comes down in sheets, you are still left with a wall full of dried glue that must be removed along with any residue before any paint will stick.  Unfortunately, it’s usually after the walls have been painted before you realize you weren’t finished removing glue.  The new paint job fails and you’re back to the prep phase having wasted time and money painting.

Do yourself a favor and let us tackle this project for you.  You’ll be glad you did, and we promise not to give you any headaches!

Wallpaper Services Include:

  • Protecting floors with plastic
  • Removal of wallpaper and backing
  • Removal of glue and glue residue
  • Wall prep, sanding & caulking
  • Full coat with a bonding primer
  • 1 coat premium paint on ceiling
  • 2 coats premium paint on walls
  • Clean-up & removal of debris

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